An early memory

This happened ….. ages ago, 9 years ago to be exact.
We had to climb ,well not exactly climb, but the way back home from
The bus stop was steep with winding roads all lined with huge conifers ,with the closer borders adorned by the most exotic of ferns . A certain pack or group or whatever the suitable word is..of dogs had been raising chaos in the station or weeks now. They had bitten several from the work force mainly the servants’ children (like the hyenas weren’t bad enough).
So one fine day, coming back from school we were greeted by this gang. Now we aren’t exactly dog lovers , but we expect the canines to respect us for the fact that we don’t hurl stones at them or tease them unnecessarily like
many other children . Liena hid behind me and started whining. We stood there like helpless children …which we were at that moment , for about 15 minutes. I finally decided to take the longer path through this valley of sorts. ” And the snakes!!”, she cried . I sighed and looked for another alternative . This time we took a path,though full of bushes and flowers and all , a little more secure than the valley. We reached home, but that wasn’t all. Our house was on the first floor and at the junction in the stairs, we met another dog with 4-5 pups this time. Now, mum always said that a female dog with her pups around is one of the most dangerous animals on planet (voice of experience) . So, we ran to the connecting block to crossover from the terrace. But lo and behold, the neighbours were out and had locked the door to the terrace.
In the end we sat down in the garden, right below the glass house, hoping mum would come for some work and we’d yell at her. She did and she asked the servants to drive the dog and her pups away.

See there is a reason I am afraid of dogs


Taichi signing off \m/