If I were rich

Now there are two aspects to that statement .
– did I come into a lot of money in the last couple of days?
– was I born rich?

Rich here doesn’t apply to mental satisfaction or monetary resources sufficient to buy an iPhone 5 , MacBook pro or a playstation. God the playstation has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. Or even the mental satisfaction of owning such resources itself. Rich ,here, doesn’t apply to a personal credit card either. We are talking about filthy rich. Or so was my interpretation in the thirty seconds I was given before my ‘performance’.

If I were rich…considering the first possibility, I’d buy …everything. Literally everything . I don’t think my mind is going to be stable enough to think along the lines of charity. I would buy the playstation, the xbox, wii, gamecube, and the official edition of every game I have ever played. Even if I already own a copy, I’d just buy it again. Heck I am filthy rich ,aren’t I ?

‘This is definitely one of my top choices’

I’d buy the crap out of all clothes stores out there. No more long lines in the trial room on weekends. I’d buy an Audi r8. Oh hell I’d just buy the company itself and get them to build me a bat mobile. I’d buy every book out there. Every music record.

‘Not the  dalmatian pony.’
Why should I care about charity or even my family. Right? Isnt that the first thought stream that would actually pop in my head if this were a real situation?

Money is like blood ; hard earned money is made of blood and sweat. ‘free’ money is just blood. Once a beast tastes it, not even an entire populous could quench it’s thirst. And a beast with blood in his head doesn’t stop , never stops yearning for more , doesn’t share it. Not even with it’s own brethren. Its like a poison that eats you slowly, from the inside, driving you insane with a longing so deep, you don’t think once before harming others.

And other than behaving like a man eating tiger cub

or a cat…….a rich cat,

I might donate a couple of grand here and there and tour the world with me mum and dad and Liena . And live the rest of my life buying things like crazy and distributing the useless ones for free. Ya , I know I’d do that. All in all , I will try and make sure that the money which I so happily accepted in the hope of improving the quality of my life doesn’t destroy it.

The second possibility , if I were born rich . Now that is a little hard to imagine seeing as how I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I were, in fact, born rich.

I am happy for everything life has provided me with. And I am glad I wasn’t born rich. You don’t appreciate the lesser things in life unless and until you are brought to that level. I would have never known the feeling of sleeping on box beds, shifting every two- three years as is the ritual when you are from a defense background. I would’ve never known the taste of that pao bhaji in the not so classy school canteen . Or the joy…., maybe not joy and I was actually forced into that situation, of riding in a city bus with my fellow country men. I would’ve have never known the face of the father of our nation on the currency notes , because I wouldve been using credit cards…
Ok so maybe they aren’t exactly precious memories , but I am thankful for the way life has treated me. A lot of people have it much worse . And if I ever do come into a lot of money, I think I’ll just hand it to my mum. She’ll know what to do with it.

Then there arises another question…’when I become rich’.
Hm…that’s a different story altogether?

Any thoughts?


I was given this topic as a part of an english extemporary.
Other than the things I blurted out on impulse (which was only a fraction of what was said above), the experience helped me discover a lot of things about myself. Like how I can’t speak fluently in front of a crowd of 5 or more people for more than forty seconds. I actually stood there like an idiot for the remaining time despite the judge’s attempts to prompt me to say something …………