Let’s Eat – Caprese Pasta Salad

A new segment towards  a healthier lifestyle. Lets see how long this one lasts.



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My first essay in college

Ever since the dawn of industrialisation in the late 19th century, humans have never looked back on the path to progress. This has led to an era of ‘technology’. Technology can be defined as an advancement from a previous age that has led to significant changes for human convinience. But this convinience has resulted in a deterioration of a human’s ability to think for herself/himself. It has made things easier, yes, with copious amounts of information available to us at the touch of a finger tip, quite literally. But it has also made man lazier and allowed the intellectual rusting of her/his brain.

To substantiate my above claim, lets begin with an example. The internet(also known as the interwebs) is quite literally a web of connections made across the world. This connection has significantly increased the access to all kinds of information to us. But this influx of information has stagnated our ability to think. A student would rather look up the easily available meanings of a poem on the internet, rather on dwelling on it and deriving her/his own conclusions. Yes it has made things faster, but it has also made that student mentally lethargic. Entertainment media is another great illustration for this issue. With the advancement in computer generated imagery, the audience is now expected to eat up any visualisation or story thrown at them, instead of exploring the fantastical worlds themselves. Technology now attacks our creativity itself, tells us what to think, making our minds rustic and sluggish.

Another vast and convincing example would be that of computers. Computers does not necessarily mean desktop computers, but any machine with computing abilities like cellphones, calculators etc. Again, though the likes of calculators make our work much faster, they result in the reduction of a person’s calculating ability. Smartphones too, with their GPS (Global Positioning System) and contact directories have led to a decline in the retention capacity of humans. Memorizing contacts and the roads of your hometown are now obsolte and idiosyncratic. These days, humans do not even have to think about what they want to express either. With softwares like Microsoft Word, with their autocorrection and grammar and word suggestion features, any chance of self evaluation is lost. This intrusion of technology in our daily lives has again led to a steady deterioration of our thinking and even memorising ability.

To conclude the above reasons and to substantiate my examples, I would like to say that technology , in its quest to ease human struggle, might lead to the destruction of human thinking. yes, it is not possible to revert back to the stone age, but we cannot let technology take over our thinking ability no matter how easy it may seem. Mathematicians like Descartes and Hyugen would not have come up with their work if they had the computer and the internet to tell them all. Einstien would not have contested existing notions about planetary motion if he had a blog by the Royal Society of Science bore this information in his mind since an early age. We need to preserve our creativity and intellect. Not by discarding technology altogether, but by working in coherence towards a better, advanced and peaceful future.


The above is an essay written as practice for analytical writing. This one has been done sooooo many times…………I wonder if anyone would even read it.

Cover up for guilt

I finally shelled out time from fifth semester after my mid term exams. They were good, definitely better than third and fourth semester. For those unfamiliar with the semester system, I have entered third year of my four year engineering course. As s evident from my last post, I finally found some direction in electronics. I hope to pursue this field as my major in post graduation as well.

Anyways, as an attempt to be regular in posting here, I am going to try and do reviews and occasionally post things that happen in my life and maybe even short stories aimed at a certain theme. I also started posting on lang8 again and I might go back to deviantart and ameba (their interface is adorable other than being possibly the biggest blogging platform in Japan).

Lets see….hope for the best for the rest of this semester.